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From Queens With Love

At Butter & Scotch, married duo Chef Malik Rhasaan and Detric Fox-Quinlan craft a culinary bridge between the soulful flavors of the South, their roots in Queens, NY, and the Afro-Caribbean flavors that raised them. Each dish is a heartfelt celebration of diversity that bridges the gap between North and South—from oxtail ragu and chopped cheese to the world-famous lamb burger. 


Hours of Operation

7am - 10:30am, daily

11:30am - 2:30pm, Mon - Sat

5pm - 10pm, Sun - Thurs
5pm - 11pm, Fri & Sat

11:30am - 2:30pm, Sun

11:30am - 11pm, Sun - Thurs
11:30am - 12am, Fri & Sat

Happy Hour
4pm - 6pm, Mon-Thurs

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Savor eclectic, elevated all-day comfort food crafted by acclaimed Atlanta chefs Detric Fox-Quinlan and Malik Rhasaan – aka Che and Bae – at Butter + Scotch.

Private Dining

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Meet The Chef

Acclaimed Atlanta chefs—and husband and wife duo—Detric Fox-Quinlan and Malik Rhasaan draw from their own rich cultures to design a menu where each dish tells a story. From Rhasaan’s roots in New York and the Afro-Caribbean flavors of Bermuda and Jamaica to quintessential Southern soul food, their dishes are an ingenious blend of everything that has made them who they are.